Title [독후감] After reading ‘Wonder’
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After reading Wonder
아프리카 나무/ 케냐 가지 Michelle Baek(8th grade)

True Love and True Relationship Between Friends

Elie Wiesel, who is the American author said, “Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession. Friendship is never anything but sharing.” In our daily life, we meet many friends in our school and society. In our relationship, we will be facing a lot of difficulties and happiness. R.J Palacio who is an American author, wrote books about friendship and gave lessons of true love within friendship by the fiction called Wonder. Through reading this book, I learned the life lesson about true love among friends.

This book is about a boy named August, who is in the fifth grade. He was born with cleft palate which is a deformity of the face. In the beginning of the school year, he got into some conflict with classmates. The reason was because he is deformed. No matter how his classmates bullied him, he does not hate or revenge. He loved and gave kindness to his friends in the school. The book ends with August receiving the ‘kindness award’ from the school. Also in end of the semester, all of his classmates become his true friend.

By reading this book, I learned to love every people around me. August showed true love among all friends even though they had some conflicts. When I began to read this book, I asked myself, “How can it be possible to love everyone? Why? Maybe August could know that loving people and giving kindness can return as more love and kindness.” Love does not mean just loving the person, friend or parents. I learned that true love is loving everybody even though our personalities are different. I learned this lesson personally when I was in CSL. I didn’t like some of my friends because I thought he or she had lots of conflicts and differences with me. But when I kept praying, I realized that personalities were just small differences. When I started to love and open my mind, my point of view became more positive. Reading this book, I tried to share love to everyone next to me even if they were very different from me.

I also learned that we should not judge a person on appearance. In this book, I got many lessons from the character Summer. Summer is the most reliable and true friend of August. When August was left alone, Summer became warm to August with her kindness. From my experience, when I was in Korea, I tried to hangout with friends who were popular based on appearance. But, as time passed, I started to realize it was not a true relationship between my popular friends and me. By this experience I learned that friends does not judge each other for their appearance or popularity. Getting true relationship with friends means to share their true heart and true kindness.

Reading through this book, Wonder emphasized how kindness is really important in our life. My mom always said, “Be kind to other people, even though you can not see kindness right now. Later your kindness will come back to you.” We have to share the love we receive and this makes true happiness in our life. By reading this book, I realized kindness and love with my friends and my community in Wanbang. Even though it can be small and not be seen, I will always try to remember my love and kindness will make my life and others’ life better than before. This will bring joy to me, my friends. I will try my best to share love and to give good influence in Wanbang.

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